It is easy to update your website using Joomla, as part of your website design you will receive a username and password which will give add additional edit buttons on your website. 

For a quick tutorial on how to add and edit articles on your Joomla website press the "read more" button.


 Clicking on the edit button will open a WYSIWYG editor for you to change the content in that article on your website.


In the editor you can add pictures, documents, links and tables. You can also cut and paste into the editor from Word or notepad.

To keep your article in the looking the same as the rest of the website, styles can be applied to text easily for headers or address's.

Underneith the editor is where you can reloate your article to another part of the website, change the authors name and add Meta data.


If you want to add a new article, use the menu item on your website.


This opens a blank version of the editor for you to create a new article.

Of course you don't need to get used to this straight away, use our Website Managment package and we will add and edit the articles for you.  

Last Updated (Monday, 19 March 2012 11:54)